Automatic multilingual real-time translation
for your conferences, speaking, interviews...

Increase the intensity and the user experience for your live events' audience

With our innovative solutions of multilingual real-time translation and live captioning, neurowide provide new possibilities towards wider publics :

  • accessibilty : valid audiences and hard of hearing,
  • solutions for your indoor spectators,
  • subtitled video retransmission with duplex live streaming where your public is,
  • multilangual webinars, ...

Natural language processing technologies

Our solutions are at the state of the art of digital technologies by mixing the power of Artificial Intelligence and distributed cloud based architectures.
We are mainly focused on building simples, intuitives and accessibles interfaces for all your audiences.

We at neurowide are obsessed by hiding the complexity of the technology, to propose you multilingual communication formats in line with your goals and the waitings of your publics.

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