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At last a reliable automatic translation and transcription solution to make all your speeches accessible to everyone. Your conferences, webinars, audio or video broadcasts will know no boundaries.

Did you know that? We spend 25% of our time rephrasing misunderstandings in meetings. So what exactly do we understand during a conference given in a language that is foreign to us, even when we think we speak it fluently? What if content was given the place it deserves?

IA translation to serve both content and form

At major internal meetings, we are seeing a disengagement of employees. At customer seminars and international conferences, many of the guests have their noses buried in their smartphones. Why is this?

Globish may serve us well in traditional commercial exchanges, but it remains limited when it comes to providing precision, clarity and emotion at gatherings of experts. As a result, participants lose interest.

Enjoying content in the language of your choice means not only gaining the maximum attention of your audience, but also giving yourself a chance to expand your audience.

AI translation with a reliable, experienced partner

Between overpriced interpreting services and online translation applications that are still in need of improvement, there is a suitable alternative for event professionals who want to combine quality and budget effectively.

A translation solution that adapts to your needs

"The most beautiful words in the world are just useless sounds if you don't understand them." said Anatole France. So how can we envisage bringing together hundreds of participants without ensuring that all the important messages are clearly understood by everyone?

Enhance the user experience of your live events' audience

With our innovative multilingual real-time translation and live captioning solutions, Neurowide offers new possibilities for reaching wider audiences :

  • Accessibility for all, including those who are hard of hearing,
  • Live translation and live captioning,
  • Subtitled video retransmission with duplex live streaming,
  • Post-production subtitling,
  • Immediate generation of post-event contents : summaries, glossaries, metadata, ...
  • And a host of other innovations to discover during of next meeting...

Discover the solution best suited to your translation needs

Whether you are in charge of internal or external events, in charge of technical event management, live broadcaster or training manager, if you want to bring your audiences together around a shared knowledge, contact us...

We will show you the different formulas adapted to your business, your operating methods, your budgetary constraints and your international target.

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