TEDx Saclay 2019

For its fifth season TEDx Saclay team trust neurowide which has delivred in real-time on the smartphones of the 800 indoor people public at the Opéra de Massy the transcription and simulatneously transcription of the conference talks.
In parallel, 15 external retransmission sites had benefit from the live video streaming broadcasting and from live captioning of the automatic translation of the speakers speeches.


Context : For TEDx Saclay #2019, we wished being able to provide a translation service to live captioning the video live retransmission towards the "iConnecteurs" partners sites in France and abroard. Indeed from year to year, there are more and more Paris-Saclay ecosystem actors who wish to meet and share with their networks around our event. Most of the talks being in french, we wished being able to deliver a real time translation in english, or in french when the interventions on stage are in english. Bringing a translation service by keeping the emotion delivered on stage by the speakers was our challenge. An experimentation phase had allowed us to validate the speed and the quality of the translation, as well as the easiness technical integration of the NEUROWIDE solution.

" Innovate together toward the living with a simultaneous translation of the talks in foreign languages, NEUROWIDE has had the challenge with success ! We envisage to renew our collaboration for the next edition by intensifying our openning to international."

Christian Van Gysel, TEDx Saclay cofounder