DZ Bank

DZ Bank AG is the second largest bank in Germany by asset size and the central institution for around 800 cooperative banks and their around 8,500 branch offices. Within the German Cooperative Financial Group, which is one of Germany's largest private sector financial service organizations, DZ Bank functions both as a central institution and as a corporate and investment bank. DZ Bank is an acronym for Deutsche Zentral-Genossenschaftsbank literally "German Central Cooperative Bank".

Testimonial DZ Bank

To include hearing impaired employees, DZ Bank used to require sign language interpreters. In case of time-critical group meetings, these events took place without those employees as hiring a sign language interpreter at short notice is very difficult. Additional time was then needed to summarize the meeting in writing.
Today, with the help of the Neurowide tool, DZ Bank has the possibility to inform colleagues directly during the meeting. Fewer appointments have to be rescheduled and we are much more flexible and effective.

" The tool does not replace a sign language interpreter. It supplements the possibilities to include the hearing impaired colleagues in the teams and it is available at any time (24 hr a day, 7 days a week). It can be used whenever the employees have no speech contribution and it increases enormously our flexibility.
The cooperation with Neurowide is exemplary - all our requirements were implemented. A close exchange on various development steps has taken place regularly. "

Alexander Frick, Group Head of DZ BANK, Germany

ALBA Network

ALBA Network is an international network of neuroscience researchers committed to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in science and academia. The network currently has over 1200 members from 77 countries, who are taking action to combat prejudice and discrimination in the research population and advocating for policies to create a more inclusive academic research culture.

Testimonial ALBA Network

Since 2021, the ALBA network has been hosting a series of webinars focusing on the challenges faced by different demographic groups of neuroscientists around the world, in order to explore solutions to increase their visibility and inclusion on a global level.

" Neurowide helped the ALBA network to set up live subtitling and real-time translation of a webinar in English and Arabic. Although Arabic was new territory for both parties, Neurowide was very open to ensuring optimal service and made several edits before and after the event with the help of the speakers to check the accuracy of the translation. The interface worked well during the webinar and thanks to Neurowide's excellent work, ALBA was able to reach a much wider audience, especially in the North Africa and Middle East region, one of our main target groups. "

Keerthana Iyer, Grants and Outreach Manager at ALBA Network

PMI Communauté Francophone

The Project Management Institute is the leading international project management association with over 600,000 members in more than 214 countries. Since 2017, the PMI Francophone Community has been working to share the best of Francophone content through 15 Chapters on 4 continents. More than 40,000 professionals from 87 countries have registered for the webinars, which address a variety of themes around major projects, leadership and sustainable development goals, for a better world.

Testimonial PMI CF

" I called on Neurowide for the instant transcription of our webinars from French to English and for the subtitling of the replay videos. This allowed us to broadcast our content to a wider audience with 800 to 1000 registrants per session! I wanted a partner who was attentive, who listened and who supported us in our development. Our teams worked very well together. The use of keyword dictionaries allows for a high quality translation. We are proud to promote this French-speaking know-how! "

Jean-Christophe Hamani, Founder and President of the PMI French Community


The International Confederation of Popular Banks offers cooperative banks an international learning forum and a collaborative business network.

As part of our training programme for the leaders of cooperative banks around the world, Neurowide was proposed to us in 2020 by our French host, Banque Populaire Val de France. Indeed, CIBP organises annual face-to-face training sessions in different countries, with English as the language of instruction.

Testimonial CIBP

With the lockdown in 2020, it was necessary, like many others, to readapt and propose online solutions. In the "Innovation" module, we wanted to show our participants innovative initiatives. This was successful and "on target" with Neurowide !

For the first time, participants from different backgrounds were able to follow our conferences directly in their mother tongue, while the speakers spoke in English or, if they preferred, also in their native language.

Neurowide also allows for regular preparation time to ensure appropriate vocabulary for the content and is very responsive. Neurowide is constantly seeking to develop and enhance its solutions to increasingly meet the contextual realities of its clients.

" Neurowide allowed us to be very reactive and agile. Our participants also gave positive feedback; some members even contacted Neurowide directly to address their business specificities. We continue to offer Neurowide's services for our various programmes. "

Valeria Rutgers, General Secretary CIBP


MIDEM is the worlwide event of the music industry, which brings together each year in early June at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes.

For its 54th edition, MIDEM called on Neurowide to translate and subtitle a panel of major French-speaking African artists including Youssou N'Dour, A'Salfo and Fally Ipupa.

In a 100% digital context this year, Neurowide puts its innovative technological solutions for the sharing of ideas at the service of the annual event of the music professionals ecosystem.

Neurowide becomes MIDEM "content partner"

Testimonial MIDEM

It is in the completely new global context of Covid-19 that we had to reinvent ourselves in record time to transform our annual physical event into a 100% digital event. In this new format, we have decided to open the event to everyone and make it exceptionally completely free. With more than 50 participating nationalities, most of the conferences or round tables are in English. We therefore wanted to offer our international audience an English translation of the exchanges of a panel of major French-speaking African artists.

" We had to reinvent ourselves in record time this year and we were looking for available, efficient and simple digital solutions to ensure the perfect running of our edition. I was seduced by the innovative nature of NEUROWIDE, their great responsiveness and the high quality of the service. Their solution opens up interesting prospects for innovative digital services for our different audiences. "

Alexandre Deniot, MIDEM Director

TEDx Saclay since 2019

For its fifth season TEDx Saclay team trust Neurowide which has delivred in real-time on the smartphones of the 800 indoor people public at the Opéra de Massy the transcription and simulatneously transcription of the conference talks.
In parallel, 15 external retransmission sites had benefit from the live video streaming broadcasting and from live captioning of the automatic translation of the speakers speeches.

Testimonial TEDx

Context : For TEDx Saclay #2019, we wished being able to provide a translation service to live captioning the video live retransmission towards the "iConnecteurs" partners sites in France and abroard. Indeed from year to year, there are more and more Paris-Saclay ecosystem actors who wish to meet and share with their networks around our event. Most of the talks being in french, we wished being able to deliver a real time translation in english, or in french when the interventions on stage are in english. Bringing a translation service by keeping the emotion delivered on stage by the speakers was our challenge. An experimentation phase had allowed us to validate the speed and the quality of the translation, as well as the easiness technical integration of the Neurowide solution.

" Innovate together toward the living with a simultaneous translation of the talks in foreign languages, NEUROWIDE has had the challenge with success ! We envisage to renew our collaboration for the next edition by intensifying our openning to international. "

Christian Van Gysel, TEDx Saclay cofounder