Conferences, round tables, interviews

The simultaneous translation allow your audience to follow instantaneously the speechs in real-time in the conference hall. Thus the speakers are free to express themself without any linguistic barrier. Previously we elaborate together the best ways and the best rendering devices depending of your public and event.

Should you have any wish to retransmit the conference simultaneously in other locations anywhere ? We'll bring the right live streaming solution immediately compliant with neurowide.

Your multicultural audience could from now attend your events on site or anywhere else in live duplex.

The President's word

CEO of a multi sites company, you want to speak simultaneously at all your collaborates. Your video allocution is live broadcast to all your employees.
With neurowide you decide to live-captioning inside the video your speech. You choose a real-time subtitle in your language or towards other languages.

Thus you allow the instantaneous accessibility of your message to all your employees, including towards your hard hearing people.

Accessibility, hearing loss and deafness

How many deaf or hard hearing people are cut of the pleasure to attend your conferences and to understand your messages ?
is an inclusive real-time transcription and translation solution. From now, all your audiences can together enjoy your events.

As you, we aim to commit ourselves towards a wider societal responsability and to finally allow all of us to enjoy your live events.

Webinars, e-learning

As a webinars promoter, you wish you could touch new attendees who do not speak your trainers languages, right ?
By integrating itself to your e-learning software, neurowide translates in real-time the trainer's voice. You could decide that your attendees will be able to download the transcription and the translation for further learning.

Doing that you facilitate the knowledge transmission and you increase your efficiency by touching simultaneously more attendees.

Education, lessons

In school teaching you increase your students attention who can supplement their notes with the real-time transcription of your lessons. You decide if you publish your course as it is or after your review and your amendment.

Your foreign students benefit the retranscription of the real-time translation.  
If you have deaf or loss hearing students, they could follow the training on their PC, pads or smartphones directly in the training room.

With neurowide you multiply the possibilities of your training initiatives...