Discover some use cases. Will you find yours ?

Conferences, Round Tables, Interviews

Simultaneous translation allows your audience to follow speeches in real-time without any linguistic barriers, giving the speakers the freedom to express themselves. Before your event, we work closely with you to determine the best ways and devices to ensure optimal results for your specific audience.

Do you need to simultaneously broadcast your conference in other locations ? Neurowide offers live streaming solutions giving your multicultural audience access to your events from anywhere, in real-time.

The President's word

As CEO of a multi-site company, you may want to address all of your employees simultaneously.

With Neurowide, you can live-caption your videos in real-time, allowing all employees, including those who are hard of hearing, to receive and understand your message.

Accessibility, Hearing loss and Deafness, ESG

How many deaf or hard-of-hearing people miss out on the pleasure of attending conferences and live events ?
is an inclusive real-time transcription and translation solution that makes it possible for everyone to enjoy your events.

Like you, we are committed to a wider societal responsability to make live events accessible to all.

Webinars, E-learning

As a webinar promoter, you may wish to reach new attendees who can not speak your trainers’ language. 
Neurowide can be integrated into your e-learning software to translate your trainers’ voice in real-time, allowing attendees to download the transcription and translation.

This way you can make knowledge transfer easier and more efficient by reaching larger audiences.

Education, Lessons

In a classroom setting you can increase student attention by supplementing notes with real-time transcriptions of your lessons. You can publish your course as is, or review and amend beforehand.

Foreign language students can benefit from the transcription of real-time translations, and students who are hard of hearing can follow the training on their PCs, tablets, or smartphones directly in the classroom.

With Neurowide you can multiply the possibilities of your training initiatives.