Automatic Multilingual Real-Time Translation
for your Conferences, Speeches, Interviews...

Enhance the user experience of your live events' audience

With our innovative multilingual real-time translation and live captioning solutions, Neurowide offers new possibilities for reaching wider audiences :

  • Accessibilty for all, including those who are hard of hearing,
  • Solutions for indoor events,
  • Subtitled video retransmission with duplex live streaming to reach your audience wherever they are,
  • Multilingual webinars, ...

Natural language processing technologies

Powered by state of the art of digital technologies, our solutions combine the power of Artificial Intelligence and distributed cloud based architectures to deliver accurate and reliable translations in real-time.

At Neurowide we are passionate about building simple, intuitive and accessible interfaces for all types of events and audiences.
Our goal is to help you communicate to your target audience in multilingual settings, without the complexity of technology getting in the way.

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